Junver and Richt got married last December 2016. They promise not to hinder each other from obeying and fulfilling God’s calling.

Junver loves to read and listen to Kodaline songs. Recently, Yev influenced him with The Lumineers and Bastille.

Richt loves to eat anything that is salty and pork. Her one and only specialty is chicken adobo with egg. She also loves Korean drama.


Yev is a Journalism student. He writes short stories and haiku.  He is an old soul. His playlist includes The Beatles and Bread.

Yev is a constant visitor at Junver and Richt’s home. You will find him there pushing Junver and Richt to watch a video or listen to songs.

Our all for Him is inspired by their wanting to write stories that honor God. The writers are passionate about kids and the next generation. They continue to honor God by discipling men and women and guiding them in their journey of knowing Christ.